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My Political Agenda

What I call my "agenda" may seem simplistic or idealistic, but I believe it's all inclusive, and what people, our citizens have been demanding for years, a government that actually provides service and a just world, always putting the needs of citizens first.

Charles Rehn for President 2012 - California Native Son
Native Son

Be A Golden Rule Citizen


When I decided to seek the Democratic Nomination in 2003, It would normal for people to wonder if I was serious or not.

But I was, for the same reasons I tried my hardest in 2008, and why I continue to run as an unaffiliated candidate today. The most important thing now is actually why I claim unaffiliated as opposed to Green Party or Libertarian, Republican or Democrat, or even Independent. We all believe those words mean something about that candidate, who they're associated with and what policies they endorse.

My "policies" - the way I would conduct business as president - would be based upon truly listening to people and their concerns, and ending a culture that's learned too many slogans and catch phrases that don't really inform each other what they really mean, and why they feel and believe what they do.

My concerns and policies are the same as in 2002, and 2008. And while I'll be the first to agree that I'm not a good graphic artist, a good webmaster and that particularly when creating another page in 2008, while undergoing "psychotronic influence", I've got a sense of humor, truly respect and understand the needs of people and the environment and what the true jon of government is, as a service to the people administering to the needs and future goals desires of its citizens... I also understand the needs and properties of business, but even more, have a greater respect for small business people, often driving the future with new ideas and ways that have made the United States a strong nation of people working together.

I  do agree with many goals of working with and doing business other peoples and other nations, there is nothing wrong with trade that is truly free. But not the restructuring of a global economy and re-establishing the industrial backbone of  the world in nations that provide economic and other strategic advantages for themselves, while the citizens are expected to simply adapt, when global economic and distributional changes that make sense for everyone could have been made with global cooperation because it made so much sense.

So, when reading these pages, part of what I need you to do regarding my candidacy is not judge me on their graphic beauty, or jokes made to certain people, but look  at what I talk about  and list as concerns, thinking about whether you believe they're still some of  the most important issues we need and have a right to discuss and have answers to - that are needed now. And knowing that I have ideas I know can work with very little research to determine the true financial condition of the nation as a whole, as well  as to secure the heath and safety and security of all our people. All our people. Our fellow citizens.

What I believe is possible is what is on the index of this site: The Era of Reconciliation

In 2002, I published a "speech never given" to inspire people to speak out about what they saw and experienced and believed, and to openly discuss things regardless of the popularity of their opinions or observations, and with respect to the constitution and the principles this nation claims to stand for.

We Have A Voice was the official beginning of me seeking ways to lead, even if I was never known to anyone, let alone as a leader. I like to thin I like to "plant seeds", and We Have A Voice was published to a variety of blogs, and I really enjoy knowing the difference it made within 24 hours. I said it was my way of giving Americans permission to act like Americans again. Freedom of speech.

For an introduction to what this meant to me, read this introduction, or go straight to the speech itself.

In 2003 and 2008, despite governmental interference I published these pages to support my positions, my concerns, things I believed were more important than corporate profit margins and global control of oil production through war, or people in government giving way to other people in economic power in order to allow them to reform the global economy by destitution, and thereby install a form of economic slavery because national and world debt could never be repaid.

Now, in 2012, despite that economic conditions are worse, environmental indicators are not encouraging and the tension of war keeps us concerned, my basic concerns and priorities remain the same.

My basic political concerns and agenda in 2002.


In 2008, I did everything I could to state what I believed were the true priorities of this nation, and what it would take to cause world peace: bold action and standing firm on our values and principals, nationally and internationally to be certain the global community knew they could trust us.

These are the statements and policies I knew would most help us in overcoming what I saw as the economic depression and loss of manufacturing abilities, all the while, even more importantly, the laws passed by Congress that violated the word and the spirit of the United States Constitution.

July 11, 2008 On The American Dream - Statement of Candidacy - Independent Candidate for the Presidency of the United States


Statement of Candidacy for the privilege to honor you with service as President of the United States
July 11, 2008

"Global Peace and Abundance For All"
The New Declaration of Independence

These are additional materials I believe are also  important for you to read to understand what I believe in and stand for as a citizen and a leader.

7/13/2008 The First 100 Days

"It's understandable that every president is given 100 days to adapt and configure their administration to fully address and begin the projects and goals of their administration. I thought it would be appropriate for you to know the issues and priorities that would consume my attention upon taking office."

"I intend to create a new paradigm for what it means to be the President of the United States."

Most Important Issues: 

Everything is Possible Once Democracy is Restored
Given the world today, there are so many things which
must be addressed which have been neglected so long

How Much Truth is America Willing To Hear?
And What Will We Actually Do About It?

8/11/2008 Election 2008 Master Plan  What may sound like a whimsical attempt at humor in supposed acceptance of futility, this was my way of daring the United States Federal Election system to prove it counts our votes, something it would find difficult to do.

Election 2008
Master Plan

Write Me In!

11/13/2011 Since 2000, I've witnessed and experienced a great deal, and even I would find it easy to explain how what I've seen and come to know as truth could cause someone to be cynical about life and the future. I've been fortunate to do so things other people don't get the  fun and privilege of doing, and some times facing  what were somewhat desperate times, and being proud of my ability to always deal with the situations and do what needed to be done from that moment on so that my life could continue as normally as possible.

As a leader, when elected or followed, you must begin when the authority of that leadership begins. I say, I've had that authority, as a citizen and one willing to lead with authority, knowing my research and belief in this nation and its constitution and love of defending them and the citizens they are intended to serve... I've had that authority for years, not because I had support or people standing behind me, understanding what I stood for. Because, if nothing else, like many other people, I know the difference between right and wrong, government and governance, and I understand separation of church and state in ways that make them separate but quite compatible.

There are a number of things the citizens of the United States need to know and understand, some truth we should know to understand how the world really is and how we've been mislead. I call it News of the Nation, and expect when the time comes, there are people, reporters and teachers, who'll be able to explain how things went wrong, in a way that is not to ridicule or to demoralize any of us, but to help us understand some pitfalls we can avoid in the future.

There are great numbers of things that are right about this country, and the world. It's time to make sure we've identified them, that we protect them and continue practices and technologies that benefit us without harming us. It's easy to do. The materials are available. The jobs and knowledge and training are necessary, not difficult, and create a bridge to the future using safer non-synthetic based technologies and materials.

If there's one other thing, my global agenda, that I believe is currently of a primary importance, is the need for honest international  communications between nations regarding earnest concerns and care for citizens, in terms of crisis as well as empowering those having difficulty, for whatever reason. And to encourage discussions and greater understanding of religions and other other cultures, to dispel the deceptions caused by political leaders who believed dividing us even in the most sacred ways and part of our lives would somehow be good for us.

If we removed the myths we believe as truths about other people, others in this nation, others in other countries and religions, you'd be very surprised how little difference there is in the hearts and minds of people, when they told you the truth of what is most important to them. What I call the Era of Reconciliation is very much reliant on a world of leaders truly committed to the needs of citizens, as citizens, as God's children, all worthy and entitled to freedom and opportunity. And that occurs through honest, tough and reliable communication.

In the last 10 years, I've worked and researched and written as a reporter, as a politician, as a minister studying to be one and becoming, and now, again, as a candidate for the Presidency of the Untied States. Without government suppression since 2002, I honestly believe I may have become president of the United States in 2008.

The materials I've presented above bring back back alot of fun ideas and memories, a lot of fears of what the future was going to be if our "leaders' continued to do what they were doing. Alot of what I feared has happened.

As I write this, I know most would never hear of me or take my candidacy seriously, if only because people don't vote for "unaffiliated" politicians because of course, "they could never win." Something I'm sure you understand despite what it says about the health of democracy.

And still, I believe I could win, not because I have millions and millions to spend on a campaign, or because I'm particularly humorous or even look like the type. I believe it because I believe I could be the person capable of standing for the rights of the citizens, the true owners of this nation, not as enemy of corporations or political parties, but they as partners to the citizens, who must be served first by all endeavors in their nation.

And by doing so, by standing firm for the interests of  the people, return this government to a body that administers to the needs of the people through representation and constitutional legislation that provides for all ethical interests affected. By doing so, we return to the intent of the constitution, and despite what some may say, will make this naion safer an more secure than by the means desired by those concerned about losing control: the government.

I would not be running for office if I was against this government. I said years ago, joking about Paul Begala's remarks about, how it's the economy, stupid. And my response was always the same: it's corruption then the economy.

All things are possible once Democracy is restored. I wrote  awhile back about the creation of the New World, and forgot the Pilgrims called the United States the New World. And I  wrote, from a couple of  Bible verses, A Pilgrim is someone who seeks a nation in which God would not be ashamed to be called God.

I believe this nation was founded on the true understanding of what those things mean, what we need to discuss to understand them again. It wasn't about religion, or fleeing a  nation or being rebellious: it was about freedom, knowing the ways of those who believed they could own the world, with that wisdom and forethought written into our constitution to guide and protect us. Protect us from those who would we deceive and use us, guide us to conduct ourselves in ways that worked that were also respectful of God's ways, toward the potential of leading the world with moral and ethical practices that set the standard. 

I believe this nation still can be that, and more, as a leader in creating a world where the benefit  of all is expected of all leaders.

Those things said, I hope you enjoy reading the materials I've written before, and one day I'll explain why I have written more lately. The good news is, my basic views have not changed, no matter what the circumstances, the needs of citizens of are of primary importance over any other governmental plans, and as  for some of the things you'll read and discover about what's covertly happening around us all, remember I'm telling you because you a right and a need to know, because it's about your freedom and your futures, something I believe is worth standing  up for.

Finally, I wrote this a number of years back - in 2002

We Stand

We stand for the rights of all the people
Of this country and the world
We stand for the principles of freedom
Like our founders did

We understand there's a spirit
Deep inside us all
And when we stand united
It's impossible to fall

And that's why
We stand for the Spirit of America this nation
It's deep inside us all.






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