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We Have A Voice

published 8/4/2002

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Orignal Speech

 Back in 2002, I became convinced there was reason for concern about the direction of this country.

It wasn't just about Election 2000, it wasn't just about the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, going to war against Afghanistan or the threat of national and global terrorism.

It was the fear of many people with reasonable questions and concerns who felt ignored, frustrated, suppressed, not wanting to appear unpatriotic at a time "requiring" national unity, but knowing something was wrong, and like good citizens, wanted to be free to ask and be informed.

I've always believed in a few things: the ability of one person to make a difference, whether given credit or not, the ability to do that by planting "seeds" of ideas that lead people to better solutions, and I took the pledge of allegiance as seriously as I took my personal pledge to serve God. And by that, in terms of the United  States, it meant to become politically involved in a democratic system that actually requires citizen involvement to function as its supposed to, especially when I believed there were important issues that needed to be addressed.

When I wrote this "speech", it was only after spending nearly two years researching and analyzing the news from around the world, studying current political trends, and particularly after September 11, 2001, how suppressed people were, and how afraid they were of the government. I went from web site to chat room to web site and observed what people were saying, having my own opinions, but knowing that what I needed to do was to be able to represent common concerns, and find ways to show  other people commonality in areas they felt divided.

One day, I  was reading one web site after 911 and the Patriot, on a chat room with lawyers and professionals discussing things, and the biggest topic their fear to speak out and share information for fear the government would arrest them.

To be honest with you, because of the way I like to approach things, and in respect of national security concerns, I was not concerned about anyone suppressing my rights to freedom of speech, just took them for granted, and very much at the time considered myself someone acting as a news reporter, doing daily newscasts on the web with analysis, and a representative of the concerns of us all, because I believed my background in the media gave me knowledge of ways things get done in the media that could allow me to use my education programs on the web to change the national news media coverage by causing requests for info and truth.

So because of me reading about people being afraid... even on the Michael Moore website chat rooms... I wrote "We Have A Voice". I wrote to Lou Dobbs letting him know that I'd be glad to stage an event somewhere in case CNN wanted to cover it, to make it official it actually was a speech...

But what it really was was a speech in text form for citizens in chat rooms all over the internet so people could see an example of how to speak out forcefully, knowing that it was legal and good to speak for the values we claim make this  nation great and have the moral highground. And to  represent everyone in requiring integrity from our leaders and news media.

At that time, I had no intention of becoming a politician. But it was my way of giving people permission to act like citizens again.

I have to admit, my favorite thing of all about placing this on the internet in various chat rooms is when I wrote to the moderators of the Michael Moore chat rooms, sending them this speech and wanting to be sure they wouldn't be concerned for themselves if I posted it. They said, no, go right ahead.

I posted it. And the next day, there were notices and chats about groups organizing to speak out and lobby and do all sorts of things that no one was talking about publicly before.

My  second favorite thing in that time period was learning how Newt Gingrich's GoPac people were dominating MSNBC's chat rooms. I learned their tactics, used them against them, appreciated Newt's education about how politics is played these days, but  was later disappointed when it appeared I might have had something to do with shutting down MSNBC's chat rooms altogether...  a lot of things changed when I  brought up a shooting at a Washington DC school that seemed to fit a pattern of shootings I thought people in the area should be aware of.

Always understand, especially in the early days of 2000 and beyond when beginning to formulate my opinions about things, as if being a leader honestly attempting to consider real solutions, I watched MSNBC because I liked them, and was attempting to be intellectually honest when expressing my concerns and complaints, and using that as an example for others to do the same with the station they watched. It was important that people understand I did not claim that MSNBC was the "worst" or the "demon" of the news world.

All that said, We Have A Voice is what I believed people needed to hear in order to be encouraged that their rights still existed, there were ways to speak out and be heard without the break the law, threatening people or causing undue concern for organizing in order to share common concerns and causes with other people.

For me, it is also a source of great satisfaction to know that even though a few facts are a  little different than what thought I knew since nearly 50 years before, and I refer to Americans and Citizens of the United States as separate for political and ideological reasons, that my beliefs, approaches to solutions structural and cultural have not actually changed. Not that I'm supposedly right about everything, but because I understand how to live and legislate and govern within the constitution that allows the liberty and freedom expresses in the intent of the constitution and the people who founded our nation.

And if the truth was known about that, a constitution and intent that truly was an expression of the liberty as desired by God for people, as spoken of by Jesus and John, and courageously defended by people like George Washington, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and others who understood that leadership often means knowing that real satisfaction comes from the progress and accomplishment of leading, not the glory or adoration of an organization or world because of an ability to inspire with words that lead to few productive results.

Few productive results, not because because of lack of effort, skill or desire, but because of government that has other plans that do not include their concerns.

I read We Have A Voice this morning, 6/10/2011. I decided I wanted to make sure I shared it with you.










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