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Even though I started "blogging" daily, moment by moment back in 2000 and 2001, before there were weblogs, after the attacks of September 11, 2001, I became concerned at the way the word "fundamentalist" and "fundamentalism" were being used. It was even defined in the dictionary as extremist and often militant religious people, Christian AND Muslim.

So I named this site to claim Democratic Fundamentalism, to take the sting off the word fundamentalism by claiming to be a fundamentalist of Democracy, having nothing to do with religion at all, but the fundamentals of democracy.

I used this site as a repository of quintessential documents about the events of the world and the nation, categorized and expressed by stories and speeches of politicians, followed by other stories describing what actually happened.

I did this without bias toward any political party or ideology in order to truly figure out what this government was doing, particularly in relation to the scenario leading to our loss of rights and national dominion, and to fulfill what I'll say was my  father's training about what a citizen's responsibilities were when the nation was "off track"... to determine the truth and to become involved.

Not long after, I was watching the news all day and reading news from some 60 publications around the world, and I started noticing earthquakes and weather patterns and  losses of life and wildlife, and started thinking about things I remembered from when I was a kid, reading the Bible, and sort of jokingly began a column called the Apocalypse Report, additionally inspired by Lou Dobbs on CNN referencing passages in Matthew about wars and rumors of wars, and quakes in diverse places and more... I stopped writing that report because it scared me and I recognized the weather patterns were not normal. 

Among other things, Iran had the first of two devastating earthquakes, the first initially reported having killed 40,000 people, reduced to 26,000. I didn't know that New Zealand had a quake around the same time that moved its southern tip 12 inches.

I soon after took down the notice on the front of the site that it was not about religion.

That site was also my place to provide a nightly newscast, being called things like the Daily Rag and The News in Review... and the mental "game" I was playing with myself  was to report the mainstream stories as mainstream reported them, and then add my comments and observations. 

Being a former broadcaster, I was purposely attempting to influence the way news was being covered, the way politics was being approached and to provide a website and news coverage and commentary that other people might use as examples of how to legally and civilly use freedom of speech, information organization and media techniques to spread information.

I always took the approach, for the sake of objectivity toward citizens AND legitimate government leadership responsibilities, considering less known knowledge and intel. I approached every issue as if "What if I was the President of the United States? How would I communicate and deal with these issues?" 

Again, I did that so that I would not be biased or predisposed to anything except my personal beliefs and the principles this nation claims to stand for.

I was surprised and dismayed by a number of things that I consider to be egregious concerns that we will all soon share.

Not long after, I watched as Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore defended himself and his cause, having moved a statue of the 10 Commandments into the state courthouse, in the dead of night. I wrote that I agreed with his point and his principles, but disagreed with his covertly violating the true spirit of separation of church and state, particularly for a man in his judicial position.

However, as a Christian, despite not thinking I was necessarily a particularly good one, I remembered something about the end times and persecution of Christians.  

Given that my entire approach at that time was to attempt to honor the intent of what it meant to be a true representative of citizens, believing you can consider all interests and preferences in legislation and social mores even if they're not you're own - actually a  requirement of a representative elected for Democratic purposes - to represent all sides for all citizens in your jurisdiction or district.

So because of my own Christianity and because I wanted to be able to say that despite what might be said about me, that I wanted to be sure I understood what Christians believed in and wanted and were asking for as well as to see what I could do to end the persecution that I was observing and knew existed.

So I decided to read the Bible front to back. For the first time. And I decided to read it as if I'd never heard of the Bible before, so I wouldn't be looking to read things that supported what I believed, but in a way that would actually inform me historically, religiously and spiritually without any preconceived notions. 

What happened after that led to the creation of the website, described next, that included "A Conversation With America" in 2002 that contained my political observations and impressions, as well as the beginning of the Book "For the Love of the World", named that because if there was a single reason why I committed my time to this nation since 2002, it's because I love this world and this nation.

I continued writing on Democraticfundamentalism a bit, and unfortunately, also became aware I was being harassed by the government and others in order to silence me, like many others in this nation and around the world.

Because of that, I moved the bulk of my work and writings to to continue my work, to write my books, and in 2003, to announce my formal candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. 

Democraticfundamentalism was then converted into a web site devoted primarily to explaining to people what weapons and technology were being used to silence, harm and murder people like me.

This web site is really a labor of love for me, it's my favorite, and it's not just because it has my name on it.

It's difficult to explain the true implications of the information on this web site. It's important because it contains information about the world and this nation and decades of deceptions by this and other governments. It even reveals how until late 2002, I had never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, although my years of research, as a politician and in the role of a reporter led me to realize the things my father warned me about regarding what would end true liberty in the United States if the plans of the Tri-lateral Commission went awry, as he and many people believed it would.

Part of what I discovered was a link between the Tri-Lateral Commission, the "real" organizing body of the New World Order, also called Globalization, the designer of the plan. He was the founding director of both organizations, the Tri-lateral Commission AND the Council on Foreign Relations. His name was James Earl Carter, working under the direction of the Rockefeller Family business organization. I was a big fan of Jimmy Carter.

The next few years and the websites reflected my attempt to run for president in 2003 and 2008, to survive, to continue to research and write as possible, as described in Things That Seem Incomplete, and carry on my life as best as I could under the circumstances.

Under those circumstances, keep in mind that I am not ashamed or embarrassed about the contents of this site, I'm proud of most of it. However, because of the effects of the weapons used to silence people as directed and described in Donald Rumsfeld and the Department of Defense's "Information Roadmap", with the intent of silencing and incapacitating people like me who "don't know what they know", as Rumsfeld once explained to me...

Keep in mind that I've left certain parts of that web site intact as evidence for later use against those who suppressed me. That may and will include remarks and things that are graphic and offensive, although I believe there is actually little of that kind of material on it. The people responsible should know why they should not try to claim it is my own doing or work. 

People who understand the true story of Ira Einhorn will find solace in knowing that my father's apparent work on the Thought Camera and other technologies for the government, his involvement in the Manhattan Project, Weather Modification Technologies and Psychotronics, and with personal experience in that area since approximately 1958, Einhorn will be set free, as will many other people you know of like him. 

For the Love of The World was begun on that web site.... talk about revelations that lead me to understand the Bible, the ways of God, the true meaning of Christianity... what it was like to be Christ or a Christ serving God, and why the United States was truly designed to serve as an anointed nation. I also learned what it meant to be an anointed nation, how no nation has ever kept its covenant with God, and thus, lost the blessings as the anointed nations.

There are things I've learned and observed that I didn't want to believe, and literally spent 5 years trying to disprove things to myself, about myself, my family, God, the Bible, the true story of the rejection of Christ.. only to force me and privilege me by having to accept them. Other aspects of them had me deeply saddened, but I recognized how and why the teachings and instructions of the Bible and Koran are correct, wise and occurring.

I continued to research the news and investigate government operations and dialectics, long-range plans, stated goals of the Department of Department and heeded warning of Abraham Lincoln about how if one president continues the same agenda as the previous president, it's time to consider the government corrupt and conspiratorial, maybe even traitorous. Everything I once overheard my father talking about if things went awry. The same things Pres. John F. Kennedy said, when he said:

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight."
Pres. John F. Kennedy at Columbia University 10 days before his assassination

I'm no John Kennedy, but because of moral imperative, my love for this  nation and the world, and the citizens I speak of when I say that, not the governments, I say I'm doing what he began back then, as evidenced by the activities he was undertaking to expose these things, that led to his assassination.

For the record, I'm no conspiracy theorist, I've never attended a demonstration of any sort except one day when I was supporting a parade and rally to honor women on mother's day, I've never belonged to any subversive organizations (unless you count the Democratic Party), and the only politician I recall ever contributing to is Cynthia McKinney.

I say this because, despite any things that may seem odd on that website, the conclusions I've come to, the psyops and information and means and so forth are the result of serious investigations, thousands of hours of work and research, hundreds of hours of video and audio documentation... there are plenty of things, bitter pills, I  wish I hadn't learned, but am thankful to have become aware of.  I made a commitment years ago, as a citizen, to keep working until democracy was restored.

I don't tell you of these things to be critical of the United States or other nations, religions, partisan groups or for any other reason than a journalistic, moralistic and nationalistic instinct to inform my fellow citizens.

It is important for us all to always be honest with ourselves about ourselves, individually, as nations, as religions, and as institutions. Otherwise, how will we know if things go wrong, and how can we know when things are going right.

It may sound like my candidacy is a manifest or list of complaints and personal grievances at times. Let me assure you, I have a very positive outlook for the future, I understand the underlying issues that are deceiving us  into accepting the circumstances we are being asked to respond to, and I know what to do about the governmental corruption, how to avert the pitfalls of absolute power and how and why there is  a better way than globalization and the new world order.

It's why I'm running for president. It's why much of this site must be explained, but  is true and documented or documentable and important for everyone to know about regarding important issues that affect the world. And could save your life.

Whatever you might read and wonder about on this site, remember, so do I, and I have a saying about all this and my life:

I wish I was just delusional, it would be a whole lot easier to explain. And you think I'm joking. 

The only other thing I could say is that as unusual as it's been, as lucky as I've been to experience some things many people never have the chance to enjoy, no matter what I've endured, I also believe that reading and understanding.. understanding what it describes and explains will allow you to understand what I have come to believe - these times, the circumstance, the conditions and the necessary solutions and ways are what I was made for.

My Books:

A Conversation With America 2002: Questions That Must Be Answered

For the Love of the World: Approaching the Kingdom of God

A Conversation With America 2008: Talking With Congress

A Conversation With America and the World: Creating the Future 2012

For the Love of the World: Creating the Future, Where the New World Begins

This is a web site I keep online as a reminder. A few years back, when some media people were trying to make me believe they were "helping me", or doing things to give me hope that the crimes of the United States Government were being revealed by the media to help the citizens, I got the feeling that no matter what, because of what already happened, that I should refuse to cooperate or participate in anything that would rely upon or give credibility to an industry that has a public confidence rating less than used car salespeople and politicians.

It's my belief that some people wanted me to out it online to make it seem like I was completely against the U.S. National Media, which I'm not.

Take a look at the few stories I have listed there. One about some national broadcasters and chains getting a court to rule that there is no rule that requires news or anyone else on TV or in broadcasting to tell the truth. In essence, they got a ruling that they think gives them the right to lie. To set that precedent, 2 reporters lives have been destroyed because they wanted to tell their viewers the truth about harmful effects of additive to milk - that would have been detrimental to sales by their sponsor.

Another report by the Christian Science Monitor told the truth about using nuclear waste as ammunition for guns and bombs, and thus is the way we wage nuclear war on Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya. The radioactive pollution left behind lasts for millions and billions of years, and the dust from it has already reached and harmed England. Isn't it interesting I read about how the Iraq war itself accounts for 60% o f the actual air pollution in the entire world. But, governments like ours made sure that pollution reports we get, as citizens, do not include that figure, because pollution caused by war is not allowed in the numbers. I was reminded of that when remembering that the Christian Science Monitor Report was altered shortly after I linked to it... I left the link to show that the story changed after I linked to it, using their own verbiage as my headlines. Webmasters, that's why I have the original stories on my own sites. They change and make you  look foolish later. However, depleted uranium, nuclear waste as ammunition is true.

On the site, there's a story about the CIA's long relationship with placing people in the media to spread propaganda, lies the government wants us to believe, and the story is by Carl Bernstein formerly of the Washington Post, Pulitzer winner and expose investigator of the Nixon Administration that lead to Nixon's impeachment... Read his article called "The CIA and the Media".

A couple of examples of how they work inside the media, as consultants, experts and government representatives.

There's a story on someone I call CIAnderson Cooper, who before becoming an international news reporter, and then the host of The Mole on TV, host of Channel One for kids, and then of course on CNN... a story about how he interned 2 summers for the CIA. Interesting parallel to the DailyKos founder, Markos Moulitsos, who was an intern with the CIA and then joined the Howard Dean campaign, which strangely, immediately went bankrupt, and then used his clout there to gather other Dean supporters to his website with the promotional help of TV news.

A more serious example of CIA and government news influence has to do with the case of the execution of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl. Of course, I don't endorse his execution. However, one day on MSNBC, CIA Consultant, former CIA Agent, Robert Baer, divulged that in fact Danny Pearl WAS working with the CIA using his Wall Street Journal credentials as cover. And Baer was the agent he was working for. The U.S. used that as one more example of barbaric terrorists. They were showing the U.S. Government an example to warn others not to do that. Like we do with enemy combatants.

A similar way that ploy was used was when the Wall Street Journal decided to do a smear campaign against Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus on behalf of the Clintons, because they were public supporters of Muhammad Yunus, until they realized he was a character witness for Lynn McMullen of , who will be a witness in upcoming cases against the U.S. government. You may not know it, but Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox and the Wall Street Journal, threw a fundraising party for Hillary for the 2008 Campaign.

Further, she will a character witness for Yunus, and will inadvertently show that the reason the New World Order "types', don't want him in a powerful position: he actually uses micro finance loans to poor people to help poor people, not make money off them. I was sad but amused to find out someone contrived him as a criminal for having built a banking system and apartment complex for workers and others at the bank, and they charged him for not paying taxes, claiming his modest apartment there was income and taxable. All of which was built by an original $20 loan out of his own pocket.

Like I said, I keep this as a reminder. A reminder of things like the story by the Sierra Times Online that reported sightings of CIA psyops training people entering CNN in June or July of 2001... just before the September 11th attacks, not coincidentally right before the news media started psyopping me on behalf of the government, and the Sierra Times was threatened with economic disaster because of a lawsuit by CNN to take the story offline. Sierra Times did that, but kept the link alive with no text, to tell people like me that they stood by their story. And I will prove them correct.

One day, I was watching CNN when a Lexus commercial caused me to buy the Phil Collins Album with the song "Don't Get Me Started " (on politicians)... get me started on these kinds of stories most people don't know of, and we could be talking for days.

For now, let's just say this site is a place holder for certain stories I think are important and amusing to myself in an admittedly cynical way that I can easily explain later. 

For the Love of the World

This site is a launching point for two books: 

For the Love of the World: Approaching the Kingdom of God


For the Love of the World: Creation 2012

The first book is actually located on It was originally begun on that site because it was part of my Bible study that led to the contents that are online now.  I'll explain more about how this book began and what it led to what I wrote, as well as the constant harassment and torture I endured while attempting to write it.

It's located there because it integrates world and national news with Biblical Prophecy that is actually coming true. It explains it, and shows in the Bible where the technology in use by the U.S. Government is predicted.

The second book is on 

It is the beginning of a book designed to reflect what the spiritual challenges are today, what the future could be, why the Kingdom of God and the Second Coming were purposely misrepresented by people who don't like God and know that Christ is in the world today.

Again, this book is incomplete because of governmental and media suppression. However, I believe you'll find both of these books to be spiritually informative and will provide answers to people about some of the things in the Bible that apply to their lives today, and may in fact save their lives.

11/12/2011 More thoughts

What I like to point out is that book one is in many ways a chronicle of what I've experienced and some of what I've been through to be able to make the claims and charges against a variety of groups and government people.

It's also evidence of how "things have been revealed" to me by people regarding their crimes, and wisdom revealed by understanding the most important messages and ways of God provided by reading the Bible and other historical, religious and philosophical books that provided me with observing different approaches that we would would call differences and therefore different enough for us to believe we should not interact with, for what I think are misunderstood reasons, to keep certain beliefs in tact without straying influence.

Book two is and was about speaking of a vision of a future, one I believe is easily obtainable with honest leadership, and understanding that books like those of Machiavelli and even the Bible and Koran provide insight into human nature, typical and therefore probable patters of human nature and events, societal, cult rural and global, and being able to take the wisdom and use it not to control and oppress, or suppress opposition or even enforce an ideology, even a good one....

So, book two was to explain the ideology and the intent of what I believe in, and to share as a leader how we all fit into a plan of self-sought and lived order, a natural one where we are able to believe we can trust and that intent toward one another is assumeably good...  that a government is intended and is serving the people who trusted them to, and that a good leader is one who will inform about the real status and needs of  the people, and then who is actually willing and strong enough to cause them to be done.. and almost jokingly, or else.

Both books are intended to cause others to look at what we think we know about the Bible, God, Christs, the Davidic Kingdom and the Commandments of God most important, and why.

The Golden Rule. God said, if you money that rule, you have actually fulfilled His commandments. And it has to be applied to everything you do, and infinite number  of inquiries are possible, but not necessary.

I am reminded, and find it odd myself, that:

Many years ago, sitting in a church Vacation Bible School, I had a vision that made me believe that for some, in a world of thousands if not millions of ministers, I would become a minister. I thought about it over the years, and couldn't figure out why God would need to be a minister - what else could I say that all those other ministers, who studied to be ministers - what else could I say/

Since I was about 14 years old, I'm been working on building an organization built around the teachings of a a book I started to write in about 1983 that basically was about the rippling effects  of domination and submission, which was actually The Golden Rule in less religious or ideological words, but with the same message about how we treat each other, and how it ends up creating the world from then on, good and bad, and I was seeing a pattern of things becoming worse. And I believed I could change that.

Final thought: I wrote these as I studied the Bible, and then realized what God's really were as I went along. And I did it that way to share thing as I went. I read it like the owner's manual, operator's manual and user's guide, all at the same time, and very objectively, both as a book containing mysticism and supernatural, as well as someone reading it just to know what it said, and compare that to those claiming knowledge and adherence to a particular religious discipline, originally, solely to be sure I could adequately represent them and their interests as a fellow citizens and political figure. And as fellow Christians, believing they were better Christians than I, and their values and principles needed to continue to be the values and principles this nation claimed.

Despite distractions and the government purposely not wanting me to complete them or complete the thoughts and messages I believe God waned me to communicate, I think it gives us al, including myself, a great deal to think about, and ways to understand how things have gone wrong, and how they can be corrected by understanding as well as by proving citizens own government, and not the other way around.

You'll also find out the truth about what is heaven and hell, and what everlasting life really means.


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