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A Conversation With America 2002: 
Questions That Must Be Answered

I began seriously watching the news before Election 2000, and then watched coverage of world and national events, as well as global governance patterns and failures of nations and organizations to resolve issues we said we were committed to for decades that should have been resolved, if there was a true will to resolve them by our leaders.

When I saw the patterns of political  speeches and actual events on my  website proving that what we were being told was not what was being done, I decided I needed to take a new look back over my life and the history I'd experienced, and see what patterns and events most shaped our lives and our nation since World War II. 

The most important thing I thought about, and what is key to the current politics of the United States and the world today, are in an article I actually wrote more for myself off the top of my head called From the Memory of A Child.

The reason I called it that is because I asked myself a question: what did I actually witness since 1955? Not, what public stories and official reports did I believe, but what events and patterns did I actually witness, objectively?  

It also made me realize why back in 1958, so many people were at supermarkets and public places getting signatures for petitions against the Tri-lateral Commission. I heard my father talking about it. He was a friend of Richard Nixon's when he was Vice-President. And it became clear that one of the reasons why my father said he bought the 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica for me was because it contained information about the Tri-lateral plan written by Jimmy Carter - in 1958 - for what would become the New World Order, on behalf of the Rockefellers, and what became the Council on Foreign Relations. I'd never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations until 2002.

Back around 1980, someone told me Ronald Reagan belonged to a certain organization, and you weren't allowed to be president unless you belonged to that organization.

I remember my father talking back before 1960 saying something about how the Tri-lateral plan could work, except that it relied on people, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so it would likely not work. Election 2000 and the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 disasters were exactly the sort of events and patterns of governance he spoke of being concerned about.

Knowing what I know now, his comments and perceptions of the government, coupled with the highly classified work he did for the government, he had read a document called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". I also now understand that he was not fooled by the hoax that the Jews were undertaking a global conspiracy, but that the people who wrote the hoax were undertaking the conspiracy. And he understood better than most because, as I just learned in 2009, he was, as I am, of Jewish descent. A great deal of THAT story is in For the Love of the World: Approaching the Kingdom of God. It also explained even more his defense of civil and human rights, from freedom of speech to racial equality. And I believe, his reasons for not telling me of my Jewish heritage, for fear of prejudice against me.

So, I spent thousands of hours researching, watching the news, thinking about human history and patterns of human events, studied leaders and writers and poets and statesmen, religious and philosophical leaders and truthfully, read more books and studied more than I had in my entire life before.

I did that so that I could, in my own mind, understand what really happened in history, how it caused and shaped events, how governments were REALLY run and how Hegellian Dialectics were in use to deceive mass populations.

And again, I wanted to do it objectively, as if I'd never heard or had an opinion, but based on fact and my own beliefs. And actual events. I wrote "A Conversation With America: Questions That Must Be Answered" because my "gut feeling" concerns in 2000 proved to be real problems that I saw would bring the United States as we knew it to an end. I refused to let it go, no one asked me my permission or vote to change or end it, I had a right to speak out, and I wanted to challenge our leaders to tell the truth, face the truth, deal with the truth as well as inform my fellow citizens of what I discovered - the truth about some things - my personal opinions abut some things, all in the context of: 

If I was actually President of the Untied States, what would I base my opinions and decisions upon, and what would be the baseline for the actions and policies I would promote. I did that to be realistic about what the real world would require of  a leader so I could evaluate the actions and policies of our government, without any intention of becoming a public figure.

That changed in late 2002, when I realized the Democrats handed the Republicans the mid-term elections, enabling them to pass illegal legislation and unconstitutionally and unchallenged, violation our rights and betray their obligations as representations of the citizens. It also signaled that what Ralph Nader said was true: there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans because they all belong to the same party: The Council on Foreign Relations.

I'm proud of  a few things about this book.

First, it was a big step for me toward fully understanding how this world REALLY works politically.

Second, there are only a couple of issues, important issues, that I've changed my mind about since originally writing it.

The death penalty. My whole life, I didn't really like it but went along with it, so long as it was justly applied, whatever that means, because I believed the people of  the United States wanted it. 

After reading the Bible, and taking seriously my stand that we should stand firm for what we believe in, not what we've been taught or told or convinced to accept, but what we believe in - I had to state that I do not believe in the death penalty. And it's not just because the 10 Commandments say thou shalt not kill. 

Pornography: Back in the 50's, I kept hearing about "Marriage Manuals", people would giggle, and I learned some years later that it included instructions about how to have sex, since back then, virginity was much more greatly stressed. for most of my life, I naively figured most porn was basically innocuous and even though I was not a fn of it at all, I thought if people wanted to view it, it didn't hurt anything.  

I began noticing how cable tv began inserting more and more soft porn into their weekly programming, and sometimes wondered if the nights they chose to run it had anything to do with causing people to have sex toward the end of the week, Thursdays, in order to keep them going for work on Friday, even if they were tired. Having been in advertising and understanding subliminalization, I think about these things. That was back in around 1993, when some people from Hughes Satellite educated me on how cable and satellite tv broadcasts are selectively provided to individual homes.

Further, after reading The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, I realized how it was being used as a weapon against us all, the fabric of our society, and the principles and values we say we cherish as a moral nation, and as a nation under God, and as a Christian nation. 

Like most people, I may not have ever been a good Christian, but I always tried to observe the Golden Rule. 

The second book I ever tried to write back around 1983 was about dominance and submission. I was concerned about how people dominated each other, often manipulating them and not taking taking responsibility for the negative rippling effects they have on individuals and our society and world at large. 

You might also say it was the first time I began to study - without any true Biblical or religious background - the ways of God and why the United States was created by our founders as it was - partially for religious freedom, and with a Constitution and intent that greatly resembles Biblical descriptions of the Kingdom of God.

When I wrote this book, which  I intended for publication in 2003, it was to have been my introduction to myself and the issues I believed we needed to think about when deciding how to proceed in the future in the face of a government with ulterior motives, global immoral and unethical methods, and a disregard for the will of the people of this nation.

And I wanted to provide that introduction to go along with my formal announcement in 2003 of my candidacy for Democratic Nomination for the Presidency of the United States. 

A lot has happened since then to stop me me and people like me.

In 2004, John Kerry announced his support for further development of the "new class of weapons" that have been used to attack me. And he said the sun was waking up in America.

Wesley Clarke has a campaign website: A Dialogue with America.

Hillary Clinton, in 2008, announced in the first MSNBC Democratic debate, "Let the Conversation Begin"... and then of course, the little tiff about plagiarism and all so that if the psyops against me didn't work, my claims of plagiarism would be dismissed. 

And then, in 2008, when Hillary introduced Barack Obama, and said "his name shall be bless-ed amongst the nations:... well, let's just say, from that moment on, I took the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion personally, knew what we were contending with, and decided no matter what, I would represent this nation and end this... people of faith who hear, and understand, would know what that meant.

Let's put it this way.

A number of years back, one of George W. Bush's favorite campaigns was about torte reform, and he cynically referred to those "horrible lawyers" and "deep-pocket" law suits as the problem with our justice system and litigious society.

When Barack Obama ran for president, and with my knowledge of the societal effects of the Great Depression, and his claim of identifying with Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal... knowing that our "economic collapse" and/or recession is actually worse and will become worse than the Great Depression, I did a little more research to see if there was something more that was being said to people in political circles than the public would understand.

What I discovered was that in the 16 years that the Federal Reserve Board was unconstitutionally put in charge of our treasury, it successfully bankrupted this nation, and Roosevelt signed a "New Deal" with these financiers, foreclosing on the United States lock, stock and barrel, allowing us to continue to live here under their terms... 

We were economic slaves, and no one told us, and this nation under God became a victim of usury, so in debt that wee could never pay our way out of debt.  No one would dare say that when the Federal reserve Board was installed, when our nation was signed away, our leaders were in violation of the constitution, their oaths of office, and in my mind, guilty of treason.

George W. Bush carried out the plans of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Board with torte reform - reform of the legal process and documents giving us our lease - thereby allowing the Federal Reserve and the Financiers to effectively foreclose on and seize the property, the nation called the United States, and sell it off, piece by piece, to foreign nations and corporations, all the while taking command and control of our weapons systems, and attempting to convince us or coerce us into continuing the Department of Defense's announced plans to dominate the world militarily.

I hesitate to go further in explaining the longer range effects that this will have on this nation and the world.

You could say, these are the reasons I wrote this first book.

These are the reasons I ran for president in 2003.

These are the reasons I was prevented from running in 2008

These are the reasons I am an unaffiliated candidate for the Presidency of the United States in 2012.


For the Love of the World: 
Approaching the Kingdom of God
What Was HE Thinking?

For the Love of the World:
 Creating the Future
Where the New World Begins

For a description of the above books, click here

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A Conversation With America and the World:
Creating the Future 2012 - Where the New World Begins

the Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens
The New World

I wrote this book to continue the same themes I was talking about since 2002, politically. I wanted it to coincide with the writing and themes of my more spiritual book  "For the Love of the World: Creating the Future, Where the New World Begins".

Part of the reasons was to be able to demonstrate the separation of church and state, to continue my ministerial teaching and writings that are very relevant to the world today, and to also show how the true "Kingdom of God" and the "Second Coming" and all sorts of things that some people fear or avoid in spiritual and religious matters.

By this, I'm talking about - for example - people who are not church goers or call themselves atheist or agnostic and such... I believe that this book and the second For the Love of the World will show you how and why this country and its constitution were designed to allow for freedom of religion and freedom of non-religion - living side-by-side compatibly and amicably. 

It will also prove that our founders and heritage really do stand for freedom and true liberty, liberty that we have never achieved or actually experienced because of the deception of empire by those described by Patrick Henry, when he refused to directly become involved with the government. 

He said, "Give me liberty or give me death". What people don't know is that in that same speech, he said, "I smell a rat", and what he was referring to was loopholes in the Constitution and the ideologies of some people still loyal to England who were subversive and always intending to undermine this nation for the sake of a larger global empire. The Pilgrims, these people from England, had seen it all happen before, right before their eyes, and some like Patrick Henry refused to participate in it or support it.

The people he referred to are people I call Americans, not citizens of the United States, not because they're not citizens, but because they are people in our ogliarchical government who are related by blood, somehow always win the elections, control everything including finance, energy, food, the media and medicine, and have a common bloodline ancestry: the royalty of the British Empire.

Relatives like Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, George H.W. Bush (actually, Barbara. (PS My regards to Jenna)), Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bob Dole.. it's actually a very long list of relatives who have often occupied the White House for over a hundred years.

This book and the others are incomplete but outlined to preserve the intended contents for later discussion, and to write them completed when government attacks and suppression are ended.

Thus, this book is very much about two things:

The history of the United States, and how it has fit into a greater plan for a global world government that relies on absolute power and submission and control by force. 

This is not a criticism of the United States or any other country or movement, but an objective look at how the "financiers' of the world have manipulated nations like this into the global relations that have become our world today, how heritage and history have been revised and twisted into honoring the very things we claim to stand against, and an expose of the policies and actions of this nation that pose an imminent threat to our liberties.

It provides examples and descriptions of the reasons I say  the United States Government is being violently overthrown by the United States Government. Some would say that a lobbying group or special interest group that successfully gets candidates supporting their issues could claim a victory.

However, it's quite another thing when an organization slowly weaves its political and media associates into governmental and powerful positions to purposely deceive a nation into economic patterns and wars that do not serve the citizens' interests, but the interests of others using us toward their global goals. 

The proof is how we are lied to about plans and intents of leaders who never actually accomplish what we voted for, were told about, or led to the results we expected. 

And then we're told, it's because the other political party is obstructionist, while hiding the fact that before they were allowed to be such highly placed Congress people and media people, they made a deal or joined the Council on Foreign Relations and or its affiliates and associates.

If it was not a conspiracy, if it was in our best interest, why would they not publicly expose and announce their plan so that we could be their partners and support it as a nation?

This book, much like For the Love of the World book II is about my vision of the possible future, if you choose to understand and believe in it. 

This is not a statement about hope, religion or law. 

It's about a world where people agree to have a world that is the way we think it ought to be, should be and always wanted it to be, and about inspiring people to understand that it can be.

And for those who may wonder, I have a different view of what theocracy means, and it's that all religions of moral fiber are important and of God. There are billions of people in this world who agree with me.

For those who think someone of spiritual faith may impose "Christian" or rules that restrict freedoms or pleasure, understand that I agree with the words of Jesus and God in the Bible when it says that the truth is, if you observe the Golden Rule, as far as God's concerned, you've followed the law he asks us to follow.  

In 2003, I called for the Era of Reconciliation. In 2009, Hillary Clinton and the United Nations declared a year of reconciliation, and the result was more war, growing hatred, and further deception.

In 2002, I said if I was elected president, my inaugural speech would declare global peace.

In 2008, I declared "We Are One" based on nationalism and religious beliefs. 

In 2009, Barack Obama threw an inaugural party, won the Nobel Prize for peace and delivered an acceptance speech that was actually a declaration of global war. 

(I can't help but note that I used to joke around about inventing MTV when I 8 or 9 years old. And if the truth was told, it may be the truth) 

I make a  point of this so that you understand that while they talked of the same vision and principles I speak of, they betray the constitution and the citizens of this nation while I stand firm for the heritage and nation I pledged allegiance to as a child. 

I also make a point of it because I want you to understand that difference because it's also likely I'm related to the people of this ogliarchy. This book, and the books For he Love of the World will help to explain why they don't want me involved.

This particular book contains a great deal of information that will shock a large number of people. I urge you, as I do others, to think about what you read, look around the world you live in and see it as if what I'm saying is possible, think back to what your parents have talked about and worried about, ask your grandparents the difference between the United States now and in their prime.

Like Al Gore talks about, the frogs will sit in a pot and boil and never realize the water's heating up. 

So think about the things I tell you that you don't want to hear but will likely save your lives if you do. 

But most of all, no matter what you learn and no matte what you feel, do not allow anger or frustration to overtake you or cause you to commit crimes in response. There are ways for citizens to regain control of a government that is trying to fully relieve them of it, and it's not to play into their hands by causing violence.

Conversations With America: Questions That Must Be Answered.

And leadership you can have faith in....



A Conversation With America 2008:
Talking With Congress

I'm including this not because it's actually a book, per se, but a conversation between myself and a number of members of Congress and the Executive Branch that I originally published under a url only known to them, to respond to "Aesopian" messages passed on or spoken to me that will later be proven by a number of possible means. The purpose was to set the tone between us regarding how I intended to proceed and then, how they intended to stop me.

Aesopian is basically a way of communicating through analogy that is usually associated with how people in the French Resistance during World War II received "secret" messages from broadcasters, and like George W. Bush said of terrorists and allowing them to broadcast their statements on TV, cells would hear the message, and only they would know what to listen for and what the message meant.

Back in 2002, I began to deconstruct the communications of all politicians and most notably recognized a pattern of Aesopian, or, code talking, when George W. Bush was speaking of our success against Iraqi insurgents, even though the news reported a dismal failure the same day, and I  was aware that individuals in the United States subjected to the punishment of what Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann called the "Death Panels", which already use "Death Squads", were being attacked even more. 

Thus, it became obvious that George W. Bush was telling people of his ideology and were aware of the meaning of the code talk that those who opposed the policy of war and were being suppressed, oppressed and murdered and were being "handled". That policy to attack such individuals was published in the Department of Defense publication "Information Roadmap", and clearly stated it was to disable and or incapacitate anyone who opposed U.S. Global Military Domination, disguised as the "New World Order" or Globalization.

So, this code talk is how I received brief messages  from Congress, in some ways probing me to find out what my thoughts were and sometimes taunting me, and these pages are my way of explaining to them, with the help of people who I assumed would be government intel personnel monitoring my communications with them, what I was thinking and you could say on a "higher level", to talk about, let's say - end of days, psions, governance, empires, covenants, hoaxes, crimes and demands for the government to arrest itself...

You may think that's humorous. In time, you'll know it's very serious.

In addition, they used what Ray Kurzweil wrote about, psychotronics, called the Electronic Singularity, to communicate with me verbally and through proxies.

 Like I said in 2002, when I began addressing leaders of foreign nations through a feature called the "Soon To Be United Nations", a little audacity goes a long way.

And now, why it happened.

In April, 2008, I was being heavily attacked by psychotronics and directed energy weapons, but I was still monitoring the news and keeping up with global and national events. Being attacked like that purposely leaves you somewhat incapacitated, as described in this article by Lt. Col. Timothy Thomas, called "The Mind Has No Firewall".

When Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic National nomination for the presidency, I wanted to believe. Being a believer in Ted Kennedy all these years, a fan of the family and having some personal reasons for seeking a final resolution and the truth of the assassination of President John Kennedy and then Bobby, I was believer in Ted Kennedy. And I believed and hoped that if Ted Kennedy said Barack Obama was a true statesman, and really believed that the troubles of any other person were his  own, then I wanted to believe.

Furthermore, a person I know, a woman I know well, a person who is  famous and accomplished internationality in her own right came to me and said she had been raped and molested constantly for 10 days and would testify in court or do anything else I thought necessary in order to bring the torture and torment to an end.

So I wrote to Ted Kennedy AND Barack Obama, explaining the situation, and even referencing my frieed to a personal friend of Ted Kennedy's so Ted would be sure to know it was the same woman they had in common, who had worked with Kennedy's office in the past on legislation regarding the condition of the impoverished and homeless.

At the same time, an attorney had contacted the Judicial Committee of the Senate regarding the state of  victims of he United States Government and Senator Leahy said that if one Senator wrote a letter to the committee regarding the abuses, a hearing would be held.

So, I wrote this letter to Senators Obama and Kennedy, as well as letters to Senators Feingold, Leahy and others appealing for the end of the misery of millions of people, as well as our own suffering.

You could say that I got my response from them at Unity, New Hampshire, in ways and with results that will later be common knowledge and exemplary of the nature of this government toward its citizens, and the means it uses to silence opposition...

All of which surprised me completely when I  began to realize it was happening to me after attempting to contact the Democratic Party to assist them in writing promotional materials for their candidates.

There are descriptions and names and things written in certain places in this "Conversation" with Congress that were my attempt at explaining how and why I knew certain things, and to explain to intel people how I figured out how they used people and names and like features and circumstances to deceive me over the years, and prevent me from being active in politics, religion and broadcasting among other things.

There's a great deal more to this story, however, keep in mind that during this particular period, I was under heavy electronic attack, and some things are more analogy and comparisons than might be otherwise true. However, most of what is described leads to the description of criminal activities that will lead to convictions and the return of this nation to the citizens.

And I say, to my goals, Global Peace and Abundance For All.

There are a very few documents in my files that I did not continue to post once this url was made public. And here are a few things left there by people working psyops to try to set me up to claim plagiarism as well as defamation later. They'll lose.

In addition to all of these things, this edition includes an introduction to "My Favorite Subversive Writings" of which I am very proud, and I believe you will enjoy.

I also want to direct you to the materials I posted on my site regarding my continued interest in promoting sustainable policies on a host of issues, as well as the issues I posed for my 2003-4 campaign. That they will seem familiar to you from other people is no coincidence.

I also want to point out that during this same time period, to silence me, contain me, taunt me and use me, my work was used in other people's campaigns in 2008, I was subjected to yet another sex sting that failed using a phony minister that led me to homelessness, destitution, and prevented me from receiving $185,000 the night before I left to live in the streets, and in my attempt to leave the country for political and religious asylum. If I had received that money, I say that Election 2008 would have been nullified, I would have caused a constitutional crisis resolvable only by a new election of qualified candidates.

Given the climate of "birthers" and those who think Constitutional qualifications are not that important, it should be noted that John McCain has never been a constitutionally qualified candidate for president.

All those things said, let me say this:

In 2002, I believed it was a moral imperative to disseminate information and provide an example to others on how to disseminate information on the internet within appropriate guidelines and methods as used by professionals in legal and non-profit work.

It was never my intention to become involved in politics or religion at that time, but the same moral imperative caused me to decide that I must run in 2003, that I was qualified and that I had mentally prepared myself by acknowledging the urgency and importance of the work that needed to be done to prevent this nation and the world from going the wrong way. And that same urgency and importance is what caused me to make certain my mental attitude was such that I would not allow myself to be tempted by corruption or go easy on those who wanted to cut corners and get away with their kind of corruption any longer.

If anyone should say my campaign is that of a victim seeking attention or a citizen with a vendetta, let it be known without a doubt that my concerns for this nation - every issue - were the same concerns I've had the bulk of my life and since expressing my positions since 2002.

Ending psychotronics, and the suffering that goes with it is but one issue of many related issues, and the best part is, though, it's an issue that will cause people to believe God has worked a miracle - when psychotronics and the Electronic Singularity are stopped.

I've always believed in the ability of one person to make a difference.

I refuse to do anything less than try.

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