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A Message for David Patreus

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Dear David;

I heard about your resignation today, and some of the circumstances leading to its exposure and how it came about. I have reason to believe that it's very similar to what I have discovered to be a typical FBI/Law enforcement sex trap situation. Regardless of any actual misconduct, as as individual or public servant, such sex traps should not be instigated by Federal Authorities for what could easily be later shown as purposeful public humiliation. 

In this case, it's possible part of the motivation for such an operation against you could include a memo I sent to Leon Panetta as a marker for CIA files to let him know, ultimately, that I was aware of his involvement/knowledge of crimes by the Clinton Administration that I wanted to make sure got exposed later. In addition, the timing of this is very consistent with FBI tactics to set people up and to extort them should they choose to expose crimes they will not go along with, something a military an like you might object to if you knew about... 

A while back I reported threats against a soldier serving in Iraq as part of a detail protecting NATO commanders, and then followed up with an additional report that indicate the threat was carried out by FBI/Weed & Seed and DOD Contractors.

The same people, including the FBI, also engaged in a 3 day harassment and psyop scenario to get me to report their threats against the life of Barack Obama. I was prevented from making that report, and recorded the session when it was prevented, and instead sent the report to the CIA via the FEC. The FBI has set up many verbal dialectics to cover their crimes and associates, that was one of them, to absolve the FEC of responsibility for not assisting me when I reported many times that I, as a presidential candidate, was under attack by the FBI for at least political reasons, to protect the DNC, Council On Foreign Relations and various members of the media. 

Not long after, the same people threatened your life, as well as Leon Panetta and Joe Biden ( to cover for their client), and then in a typical FBI taunt and thwart, prevented me from reporting it to the CIA. I assumed that you were in the position to defend your physical life. However, the FBI told me at that time that she was going to "Kill" you. In Aesopian terms and given FBI MO, that would either mean that they were actually going to kill you or use their tactics to suppress you. In addition, when I am told and taunted about these things, it also usually is that such efforts are already underway.

I have a notebook tracking what I've described, and the dates the threats occurred, which will likely be good to correlate later to see how they relate.

Further, your resignation has resulted from events similar to those of the woman who boasted about having sex and "getting" Julian Assange, the case of John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, and most notably and not to exonerate him, Bill Clinton, given his affair wit Monica Lewinsky, the affiliation as personal confidante and advisor Linda Tripp of the DOD.. the DOD being the important factor in that sting operation.... that relied on illegally gained evidence by Tripp to publicly humiliate Clinton......

And then several attempts by FBI San Francisco and Pete Wilson to cover up something... ???? before I knew about FBI stings and psychotronics and things.. that had me finally contact the Republican Party then the DNC to find out why no one cared about the situation I perceived to be fraud by a contractor to the State of California.

Further, the State Department employee could easily have had some of the same secret info as CIA people, and the idea that the FBI took the biographer's computer and found documents on it supposedly further damaging your credibility and respect of security clearances - given my knowledge of tempest and promise and other electronic means - and threats to have placed things on my computers for the same purposes - as well as covert efforts to give me information to later refer back to to make it appear I had secret info or association with people "purposely" bringing down the power grids in the United States, England and Brazil before they happened... or to leave a marker to later prove that those power blackouts were not by accident....

I gave the CIA permission to "touch" me regarding the case of the Ranger being threatened, and though there's little else to tell at this moment, you may do so regarding what appears to be someone's attempt to cover a "tiff" between the government, FBI and CIA,  and at the same time continue to attempt to falsely profile me as a "conspiracy theorist"...

On a personal note, for a variety of additionally unusual reasons, I'm still curious to know if you knew Scott and Mary Ritter back in the early 1980's. Possibly, you were going to be part of the Peacekeeping force in Israel with Scott. If you know them and see them, please ask Mary what the Narragansett report was. I had to run it a couple of times, and never could figure out or get someone to tell me what, exactly, the expense report was tracking. Speaking of sex stings and Scott Ritter....

For the record, I really don't know much about you, I can't say I'm in favor or against you, but like I said before, and regardless of any disagreements I have with the U.S. Government, I am not a traitor, and I am a little tired of groups using sex stings and other federal, state and local resources for what amounts to public humiliation and social, if not physical, extermination... the extortion for silence.

The sex stings are the most vulgar of all.




Charles Rehn

P.S. Sorry about the name spelling. Between you and Brezinski, you never know when I'll get the spelling right. :}









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