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Editor's note: 12/3/2011 A few weeks before I wrote the letter below, I  was interrogated repeatedly regarding my attitude toward Wolf Blitzer. I kept saying, in all the time the FBI was using CoIntelPro tactics to silence me, and using the media as one way to deliver what's called Aesopian messages, what George W. Bush explained as the ability of terrorists to use the media to deliver messages to certain people without  anyone else's knowledge. GW said only the people who knew the "key words" of the message would know what they meant. Aesopian is the same way broadcasters would communicate with freedom fighters in France while it was occupied by Nazi forces during World War II.

I  told the FBI operative repeatedly I held no grudge or ill feelings toward Blitzer, despite a few incidents where I believed he may have been issuing death threats on behalf of the Bush Administration, as well as other messages to scare and intimidate me on behalf of the Bush Administration and to protect his colleagues on CNN who had, over a period of years, done much worse, including sending messages to Weed and Seed, Neighborhood Initiative and Faith Based Charities involved in marginalizing and murdering people like me.

A few weeks later, I was being tortured and told to watch Blitzer one day, being used as a "draw" to get me to watch CNN one day. Someone at the FBI apparently believes they can run psyops on people, and they'll believe anything, and they used him to get me to watch, so that I'd  end up watching Anderson Cooper, to hear a report about a young boy being abducted on his way to a  summer camp, and then being murdered by his abductor.

At that time, the granddaughter of Lynn McMullen, former Executive Director of the Peace Alliance/The Department of Peace was at camp. It was my understanding her granddaughter was going to camp the following week. And not long after that, her granddaughter was in a program that would have had her travel to Florida to another camp - a trip that was cancelled. 

A Woman named Candice Delong, most certainly an "air name", appeared on Anderson Cooper as a profiler and former nurse working for the FBI in San Francisco, and was there I believe toreprot on this story and use Aesopian to threaten Lynn's grand daughter as well as myself with being "disappeared" if I did not remain silent about the crimes against us, as well as against me as a reporter and presidential candidate, as well as several other crimes against me perpetrated by the FBI in San Francisco in the mid 90's, crimes I  was not aware of but was affected by back then.

It was also intended to threaten me with death because I was aware of a public hoax perpetrated by the Bush Administration and cooper to cover up the existence and use of psychotronics that led to the murder of Holy Maddux by the CIA, who then framed her from her boyfriend, Ira Einhorn, for her murder by baseball bat. I may be the only person in the world who could testify and vindicate and free Ira Einhorn because of my experiences with the government in the State of Washington. At the time Cooper gave his cover-up report, Einhorn had been illegally extradited from France to be imprisoned, facilitated by an unconstitutional law made just for him, to allow for his fraudulent conviction and his current life sentence in prison - serving only one purpose - to silence him.

I  have been tortured, and many attempts have been made to murder Lynn McMullen because of this and other incidents and information I have that would convict every president since Jimmy Carter, including Barack Obama, for over 10 years. And these people would be convicted of mass murder, multiple public hoaxes resulting in the deaths and destruction of the lives of thousands of  people using technology it appears my father helped develop during the Manhattan Project, something I was not aware of until a couple of years ago, as I was being taunted while being tortured.

In the course of my experiences as well as my investigations, I have discovered th tit has been a practice of this government, for decades, to  use the media for such Aesopian purposes, as well as to carry on a practice of destroying the lives or covertly murdering scientists and others who have worked on extremely high tech classified technology for the government, as well as protestors - a well known fact from the CoIntelPro days of the 60's, and military people from war theaters who "knew too much" after they returned home. This includes Gulf War Veterans from the HW Administration, and Iraq War Veterans who valiantly served in an illegal war under George W. Bush.

I have literally hundreds of hours of video and audio recordings, and hundreds if not thousands of pages of news reports that corroborate what I have just told you. And the government of the State of Washington has done everything it can to help the federal government, the United States Military, the CIA, and the Council on Foreign Relations to facilitate our covert deaths and thus, silence.

The following was the first part of a psyop to cause me to engage Wolf Blitzer and CNN in order to allow the FBI to get me to watch so they could deliver their death threats to me. In addition, I have been illegally detained and disallowed from engaging in my political campaigns as well as news reporting. From what I can tell, to contain me, millions have been spent, hundreds of people have been involved, and al because I am actually a very loyal citizen standing up for my  fellow citizens.

Further, I have determined thru investigations that I have been monitored by the U.S. government since I was 3 years old to contain classified information I don't have. Among other things I've discovered since that would bring the U.S. Government and other nations to its knees if the truth was told. And I never would have known any of these things if MSNBC, CNN and a number of high ranking political figures had not purposely gone out of their way to inform me why I was being murdered by the government. It was gracious of them to at least fulfill my request to tell me why I was being murdered before I died. The problem is, there are probably 10-20 different reasons, and only one that's the truth, and that truth was known before I was born. Just like Moses. And the only question remains, which of those reasons they  would claim as the truth.

This is the first of a number of reports necessary to adequately describe this particular psyop against me, but because of illegal detention in the State of Washington, and the physical harm being done to me, the time and energy I have to report them is limited.

A special note to those who know  Lynn McMullen, internationally known inspirational speaker and advocate for the poor and for children and people of al nations, her "strokes" were not strokes, they were murder attempts by the U.S. government, perpetrated by some of your favorite politicians and celebrities who have a great deal to hide. I can trace back her "CoIntelPro" attacks since the late 1960's, long before I ever met her in Washington D.C.

You said you were waiting for Godot, Wolf. What would you do  if he actually arrived? I know the answer, dare tell the world?

Rod Stewart -  Broken Arrow

Rod Stewart - People get Ready - 

We break  people's civil rights everyday, 
and yours are the least important of them all
6/20/2011 The United States Dept. of Homeland Security

Dear Wolf;

It's been a long time since I sent you the last news exclusive about Marianne Williamson and Dick and Arianna Huffington that shut Huffington up for claiming she was a bad mother for running for governor of California instead of staying home to be a housewife.

There's a weird reason and story behind why I'm doing this now, but given the circumstances, I think you're the perfect person to write to for all the right reasons.

All  those years ago, your broadcasts educated me a great deal. It was your reports on the violence in Israel and Gaza that informed me of the human rights violations by the Israelis. 

It was your broadcast that had the news scroll about about Ramadan 2002, with the headline that nations in the Middle East were playing a docudrama about something called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I'd never heard of it before, and after your scroll and reading it, I  believed it was a significant document to read, and that's why I published it. I had no idea it was considered anti-Semitic. 

Still, I'm glad I published it and still have it online, especially since I caught an off handed comment one day from Chris Matthews long before that about Druids, and did some research, and discovered that it was actually about the pagans running a hoax on Jews to blame it on them instead of the Nazis/Illuminati blaming it on themselves as evidenced by National Geographic's documentation showing how Jews were purposely and systemically forced into usury based business and careers in order to later claim they were a conspiratorial race out to conquer the world. 

Unfortunately for the Rothschilds and Illuminati, I was able to  explain how the hoax IS against the Jews, and the Illuminati have perpetuated the hoax to not only point the finger at themselves now, only to have me now supposedly exonerate them in another hoax of deception that I did not fall for. I'm sure you know what I mean, Wolf. And for others, Jewish last names are not the true proof of Jews by genetic heritage, nor does it exclude them.

I think everyone should read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion with the explanation I provide at this link.

For months, I read the conspiracy theories about the Jews. After researching Hegellian Dialectics, Templar Knights, some Free Masonry, the Torah, Kabbalah,the Koran and much more, I came away with the same impression as Henry Ford when he published it, except I'll say:

It doesn't matter what race or creed or color that determines good or bad or superiority or inferiority. It is the actions that cause and are evil that are the proof. For me, for other people, and for God. In the same context, understand the Jews didn't crucify Jesus, and the Romans didn't have Jesus crucified. The evil elders had it done. In my bibles, they were called the Elders of Zion, the Ancients of Israel and the Elders of Israel. I say that because I want to make it clear that I know many people have read the Protocols, and because of forced circumstances and appearances, it may appear the "Jewish Conspiracy" is real. It's not. Talk to your ministers about deceptions upon deception upon deceptions.

Wolf, regarding your amusing report about Waiting for Godot, I believe in 2002, when I mentioned in my weblog about looking into what that meant and saying I was waiting for Godot, too...

Another reason why I'm transmitting this report to you  is because of your relationship with AIPAC, your understanding of journalistic standards, and your ability to publicly and privately communicate explanations to the appropriate people so they understand that despite the appearances caused by government psychological operations against me, that I am actually 100% on their side. Just maybe not their way. As if I know what that is, but look forward to discussing it with them.

 Let them also know that my recent affirmation of my Jewish/Hebrew descent makes this even more prescient, as the report contains a number epithets by the U.S. Government operatives since posting my knowledge of my racial background in the article: Auschwitz In America.

This also relates to your past reports regarding the Snaggle Tooth Killer, imprisoned 20 years for a murder he didn't commit, and the BTK Killer, serial socio and psychopaths who love trophies and challenge their victims to give them the death penalty if they get caught, while hiding behind the badges of corrupt police and DHs officials. The threats I'm given, and the dental destruction that displays the attempts to make me look like that picture.

The Death Squads that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul and others don't have the guts to talk about.

In this case, I'm not talking about individual criminals. I'm talking government organized death squads. I have some 30 hours of video, a hundred or so hours of individuals and politicians participating,  but unfortunately live with constant threats to relieve me of evidence and publicly humiliate me by claiming my evidence never existed. Unfortunately for the government, there are too many witnesses.

BTW: I am not certain of the condition of the Death Squads materials because, like my attempts to contact Jerry Brown and others, I get heavily attacked and need to do others things to survive when the attacks are lighter.

So, I'm sending these to you as a reporter and a victim, and want you to understand I had no intention of putting you on the spot. As evidence in my recent weblog, these government operatives have been harassing me for some time to implicate you in crimes that I have no reason to believe you participated in. 

Last night, given the brutality of the torture session, I recorded it as part of a tooth broke because of torture.  I realized a few minutes ago, these guys wanted me to post that audio for  a trophy. Instead, I'm sending it to you personally, and if it doesn't get there by Monday, end of business, know that the federal government has illegally violated our civil rights in regard to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, lots more, including continuing to harass and block communications to the household of a Quaker as well as a presidential candidate.

Further, as documented in reports regarding weapons that incapacitate victims or enemy soldiers, and per Timothy Thomas and the Department of Defense, regarding people opposed to the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations, they are being used against me still to illegally detain us in the State of Washington against my/our will, causing great financial and physical harm, and nearly killing Lynn McMullen, former Executive Director of the Peace Alliance until her directed energy weapon attack/stroke. (see also, Kim Jong-Il, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat).

I am providing this material only to you at this time. It will be included in my reports to  the Hague as well as the United Nations, and in my further attempts to obtain freedom to seek medical and legal assistance from Attorney General Jerry Brown as well as civil rights attorneys representing Viet Nam vets abused by the United States Government in the Mk-Ultra program. Part of my illegal detention is to prevent me from making those reports and assisting those veterans in the actions for justice from the CIA and the U.S. Government.

Keep in mind that my attempt to contact and seek assistance from law enforcement and the attorney general of the State of Washington has led to nothing but discoveries of state and federally sponsored death squads who, when I contact authorities, increase microwave and psychotronic attacks to prove the government can kill its own citizens with impunity while claiming moral high ground on behalf of civil and human rights in other nations we are attacking. Let AIPAC and others know I  will pursue charges against the United States for genocide against its citizen Jews based on anticipated requested WHO reporting of chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms now being told to people on TV that are now called depression, and the symptoms and side effects anti-depressants produce which actually ARE the symptoms and cover-up of lethal government microwave and psychotronic attacks against its own citizens en masse. Chronic fatigue and this depression have nearly the same symptoms, and because of discussions with a business associate in the past, relates to heavy metals and/or nano-tech in conjunction with DEWS and psychotronics.

I recall how in 1958, Kellogg's had to reduce the amount of iron in their cereal supplements because people were actually reporting they were becoming magnetic.

That said, I would appreciate it if you would pass this report, the torture audio and the website urls to the Hague and the U.N. for investigation pending formal charges against the United States on behalf of myself, Lynn McMullen and millions of other people.

If they are not received by you, let this be documentation once again of  U.S. Government terrorism and torture, violations of human and civil rights, and further documentation of this government's hatred for Jews and God with the few of many epithets I have to listen to while being being tortured. I was forced to listen to perversion like this, as a Jew, and Christian while studying the Bible and Koran. These are by people brought in to finish me off, tutored by a Thurston County Sheriff. They say these things so that if you report them, people will claim you're crazy. That's their MO. Lots of people are in mental institutions because of it.

The following are direct quotes from people working on behalf of the United States Government. I am sure you will find these very distasteful and disgusting as I do when I am forced to listen to it. It's important that people understand this is happening.

"The United States Government is a bunch of fucking Nazis and we're not about  to burn you alive until Melissa Scott is completely off your website

4/26/2011 1:08am while reading the Bible "Fuck the Bible, this is the Thurston County Sheriff".. they stopped when they realized I was writing it down.

4/26/2011 9:06pm Jr. We are a bunch of mother fucking Jew Haters who love to kill Jews because we don't think they're worth living.

5/6/2011 1:42am We don't care about this country because it's full of niggers and Jews

1:52am We're doing this to prove that the United States hates Jews and that we can get away with it with impunity.

5/10/2011 in the course of this investigation, the Jehovah's Witness Church in Olympia  Washington was illegally infiltrated by government operatives. I had long said that when it came time for me to talk theology, I would go there and speak to them. Another round of Pastor Melissa Scott psyops at that church has prevented me, once again, from seeking medical and legal assistance, as well as preventing me my right to freedom of assembly, worship, religion...

I mention that to place this gem in context:

5/11/2011 1:07am They want to say ( and I  quote them directly when they're arrogant enough to ask me to) The Jehovah's Witnesses are the sickest fucks in the world from the Washington State Government and the United States Government with praise for Sister Scott (who was the  look alike of at least one of the Pastor Melissa Scotts, whoever those government psyop apostate phony ministers are). 

(Special hello to Brittany and Melissa. The video is safe.)

As hundreds of witnesses and thousands of emails will attest, these are the things U.S. Government Death Squad victims are subjected to 24 hours a day in order to prevent them from functioning and - in  our cases - speak out like citizens for government policies that are rational, frugal and humane. It is no mystery to me that the United States would want to kill a woman credited with saving 20 million lives in the course of her career. Please ask Walter Isaacson to explain it to Peggy Clark.

I write in red because it's an example of Kurzweil and the U.S. Government once again attempting to influence my writing  (John Norseen, U.S. News & World Report) to, as usual, incite Christians, influence churches and my thoughts and feelings on every issue. But,here's the only other thing I have to say to people of faith, and those who should read the Bible and study spirituality as Jesus taught it:

And Wolf, wait til I provide the full range of things since 2001 in Olympia, and what happened before in Yosemite and Maryland. That's a comment from a psyop perp who's the one who wants to claim everything I've done is the result of psyops. Again I say, thanks for the evidence.

As I was saying (:}), I get so harassed when trying to watch the news, it's been a while. Regarding waiting for Godot, I was reading in the Bible the other night, and I believe this applies to  all of humanity.... 

Malachi 2:17 Ye have wearied the Lord with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Everyone that doeth evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and He delighted in them; or Where is the God of judgment?

That's God's answer and words regarding those who believe they made a  promise to God to be a nation under God, a Christian promising and understanding the requirements of their religion, embarrassing themselves by saying: I'm a Christian, so I'm forgiven. 

It's also a message to people of faith and moral discipline globally to take responsibility and understand atonement and reconciliation, something the Jews could teach us all, as God desired.

And it should especially poignant to any minister that if they teach their people what they want to hear, and read the Bible, they should understand what happ

Muslims: mine is the story of Yusef. Jews and Christians: Consider the story of the  early years of Moses. Another semi-factual remark inserted by the government to attack Christians

And Wolf, I've just handed you proof of U.S. Government interference with freedom of speech, and freedom of  religion using military weapons against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

PS: The U.S. Government psychotronics agents are now going to claim this gives the right to jurisdiction and the ability to silence me, and/or claim I'm paranoid. Typical taunts and Targeted Individual entrapments that are easily corroborated. 

And again note U.S. and locals attempt to defend Time Warner by harassing and torturing me as I write this. 

Given CNN's and Time's institutional knowledge and use of psychotronics and development of DEW technology for the U.S. government, I know this comes as no surprise to you. Still, I'll be filing charges against nearly every federal and state and local law enforcement agency in my current locale in a jurisdiction with extreme conflicts of interest, with California jurisdiction easily provable given the illegal detention, the psyops n Glendale and on ION, and their supposed saving of us will only appear to be one more criminal cover-up.

And finally, I  will stand by the charge that Barack Obama confessed at Normandy when he said Nazis humiliate and exterminate.

-- Chuck

3:01pm Wolf. Since writing the draft of this a couple of hours ago, I have been subjected to harassment and more extreme tooth torture while trying to relax for  a few minutes. I finally decided to add this note when some belligerent idiot said "does this tell you what the U.S. Gov't thinks of your complaints of torture and the way we manage people?" And then they tortured me some more. This is the way the U.S. Gov't actually believes it can take the truth and hide it behind more crimes like real gangsters do. Their words. Tell Larry King thanks for playing the Kurzweil and McMoneagle/CIA Remote Viewing interviews. Enough (to the Government guys).  All the notes in red above are things the U.S. Gov't and Council on Foreign Relations do to destroy everything I try to do and write, and they even enjoy getting me to write this like a trophy.

In that light, let everyone be aware that when you place information online on Facebook and other social networking sites, it allows these cowards to use that information to trick you, deceive you, rob you and even get you to commit suicide or embarrass you publicly.

6/20/2011 8:25am I was awakened this morning before 6am, and torture began. All morning, I've gotten harassed, having to listen to all sorts of traitorous and perverse remarks about how the U.S. Government loves to kill people and oppress then tooth torture, all sorts of jokes because they wanted me, like the presidential site, to begin something else and have them prove to me that they can stop me. Thus, the title of this was changed to what they told me this  morning while taunting me and telling me the U.S. government has blocked all methods of me sending this to you or anything else to anyone else. 7:36am We break  people's civil rights everyday, and yours are the least important of them all. They're treating this as a victory and a trophy. I'm glad to give it to them, and to you. For the record, after the 3:01pm report yesterday, I was completely physically incapacitated by directed energy weapon attacks. And the Anderson Cooper Einhorn cover story is missing from Refuse the News site, but certainly backed up. But at least now I  know how Einhorn knew - his family was in the CFR.

Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control
Published: from CNN's Special Assignment 1985 by Chuck DeCaro 

“Without a free press to report on the activities of government, to ask questions of officials, to be a place where citizens can express themselves, democracy simply couldn’t work.”
- Condoleezza Rice

"ALL THIS IS TO BE done in the interest of creating a more peaceful, more productive world community. I have no hesitancy about judging its wisdom and the results of its actions.


"It also suggested that it would be helpful to IMPOSE PRIOR RESTRICTIONS ON THE PRESS and to restructure the laws of libel to CHECK THE POWER OF THE PRESS.

"I've suffered as greatly from an abusive press as any man in public life, but I get an itchy, uncomfortable feeling at the base of my spine when someone suggest that government should control the news. Barry Goldwater 1979

How America's Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up After leaving The Washington Post in 1977, Carl Bernstein spent six months looking at the relationship of the CIA and the press during the Cold War years. His 25,000-word cover story, published in Rolling Stone on October 20, 1977, is reprinted below

(Note to Carl: I've tried to contact you  a number of times over the years, regarding my ability to testify AS WELL AS being a victim covered up by the Church Committee... and when I hit the send button on the contact form on your site, the page I get back says "Don't even try this". CIA is still working your case, Carl. And BTW, I can get Einhorn freed.)

Comments and Personal Accounts by Victims of Psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons

Note: The psyops against me using music began with James Taylor, and the October Road album. It nearly destroyed me.

James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way - CD - GEN.mp3.m3u

Also note: it was not  my intention to use music without specific permission, however, this music is  part of the story and evidence.


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